Audeon Feed to the House P.A. System

The second generation of Audeon MCTX transmitters are fitted with remote switching and volume control facility. This facility enables the venue to select one of the eight input program sources, and feed it to an external amplifier and speaker system. This facility is often required as background music in the building. The audio output will mute when the fire alarm is activated (if the fire alarm interface is connected) and the emergency message will be played over the house public address system. If the microphone is operated, this will also mute the audio feed and a message can be broadcast through the P.A. system.

The volume and program source is selected using the Wall Mounted Remote Control

The remote control selects the program source, and adjusts the volume of the sound feed to an external amplifier which can be used for the house public address system.

* All Audeon Products are Designed and Manufactured in the UK *